Our Styles


Geelong Ballet Centre teaches the Royal Academy of Dance training syllabus. This syllabus is internationally recognised and provides a strong training program for classical ballet dancers. All Staff have been trained in the RAD method and provide detailed knowledge of the course to our students. Classical ballet classes are run twice a week for students from Primary and up and for students who wish to be eligible to undertake exams in the RAD syllabus. Classes are run once a week for those students under the age of 7. (Ballet grades do not coincide with school grades – please enquire to find out which class your child would best be suited to)

Contemporary dance is a modern art form that explores technique and creativity. Contemporary classes are run for ages 8 and up and focus on alignment, safe dance practices and dance making. Students learn from the teacher and are also given the opportunity to create their own dance works in a structured environment with other young dancers.
Jazz is a style reminiscent of some of the world’s greatest choreographers. Jazz at Geelong Ballet Centre combines the old with the new and celebrates all that this versatile style can offer. Students learn a mixture of lyrical, modern and music theatre.
Singing at Geelong Ballet Centre is provided with one on one tuition to those students who wish to learn technique, songs of their choice and added confidence in their singing/performance abilities. Students who participate in singing lessons have individual programs tailored to their needs.
Stretch and Strength classes are a pivotal part of a dancers training. These classes combine safe dance practice, with flexibility exercises and strength exercises to supplement other styles and make our dancers prepared for the physical demands of the art form.

Geelong Ballet Centre is proud to offer solo competition coaching and specialised troupe classes. GBC’s competitors place frequently throughout the year at prestigious competitions. Entry into our competition classes is by audition and by invitation.