At Geelong Ballet Centre we pride ourselves on providing high quality dance and singing tuition to students who wish to pursue dance as a hobby or career. The Geelong Ballet Centre’s professional teaching faculty creates an environment of care and attention for each of our students and caters for individual learning in a group setting.

What We Offer

Geelong Ballet Centre teaches the Royal Academy of Dance training syllabus.
Singing Tuition
One on one tuition to those students who wish to learn technique.
Contemporary dance is a modern art form that explores technique and creativity.

Conditioning combines flexibility, strength and cardio to ensure safe dance practice. 

Jazz is a style reminiscent of some of the world’s greatest choreographers.
Elite Classical Program

Part time Elite Classical ballet study to the highest standard.

Tap dance combines technique, musicality and rhythm.

We are proud to offer solo competition coaching and specialised troupe classes.